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Actuarial Worksite Marketing Services provides health insurance actuarial consulting services for a wide range of employer sponsored group insurance products including Dental, Vision, Critical Illness, Accident, Hearing and Limited Medical. Our goals are to develop, price and provide our clients with new marketable product solutions while profitably managing existing books of business. As actuaries and underwriters we are uniquely trained and qualified to accomplish these goals.




Jeff's background includes over 25 years of actuarial experience in the health insurance industry.  He was the dental pricing actuary at Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company, 2nd VP of Actuarial and Underwriting at Conseco Health Insurance Company, and VP in the Worksite Marketing Division at Transamerica.  Jeff has worked as a consulting actuary for 15 years and specializes in group and individual Dental, Vision, Hearing, Critical Illness and Accident Insurance products.


Jeff has nearly 20 years of actuarial experience including consulting projects in Nicaragua, Guatemala, India, Kenya and the United States.  His work has included product development, pricing, reserve calculations, and manual rating processes.  His projects include, Statements of Actuarial Opinion, actual to expected claims analysis, specified disease incidence rate and long term care claim persistency studies.  In addition, Jeff has over 10 years of experience using and coding Polysystems Health Master for LTC, CII, Medicare Supplement as well as ROP and Cash Value riders.

Jeff DeCapua