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Product Development

Policy Language

Underwriting Guidelines

Marketing Guidelines

ACA Compliant Plans

Product Pricing

Fully Insured Products - PPO, MAC, SBP, Indemnity

DHMO/Capitated Products

Individual and Group Products

Voluntary and Employer Paid Products

Manual Rating Software Systems

Renewal Rating Software Systems

Dollar Based Dental

Hybrid Dental Plans

Actuarial Rate Filings

Actuarial Memorandums

Annual Rate Certifications

ACA Rate Filings

State Specific Certifications

Underwriting Pricing Systems

New Business Manual Rating Systems

Small Group Renewal Rating Systems

Large Group Experience Rating Systems

Credibility Rating Systems

Actuarial Financial Services

Reserve Valuations

Statements of Actuarial Opinion

Financial Forecasting Models

Actuarial Valuations of Plan Changes

Experience Analysis

Utilization Studies

Utilization, Price, and Cost Trend Analysis

Claim Cost and Loss Ratio Trend Analysis

Persistency/Lapse Studies

Loss Ratios by Risk Factors

Durational Loss Ratio Studies

Scenario Studies


Data Analytics

Data Cleaning

Forecast Modeling

Insight Evaluation

Visualization and Analysis

Utilization, Fee Schedules, and UCR


Plan Design

Rate Level

Our Services
Industry Benchmarking
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